Hey there! I'm Faith!

^^^ also known as Donut Queen, Taco Bell lover, ooooorrr as my nieces call me, FeFe!

I am located in Dallas, Texas. I'm a mom to two little boys <3 I have been doing photography since I was able to hold a cheesy throw away camera, and really pursued it starting in 2013. I've done it as a full time career since March of 2020 when the pandemic caused me to lose a job. It kind of was a little sprinkle in disguise to go for my dreams full time.

One thing that I focus on most is candids, aesthetics, details. I love to bring out the silly, the love, the goofiness in people, and capturing little details like holding your babes hand. Sometimes we are stuck criticizing the things about ourselves because we only see ourself in the mirror or in a selfie, you don't see the way your eyes sparkle when you look at someone you love, you don't see the way you laugh when you're truly laughing at something that makes you tickle inside, that is what I love most about my job, I crave to capture those moments so you can see how other people see you.

Alsooo, I have an obsession with the most under rated show New Girl, seriously, I can quote it word for word, facial expressions and all . My fav comfort food is Taco Bell... can smack a 5 layer burrito at any hour of the day.

The faces behind why I do what I do.. Wait for it (cry face)

Silas + Ezra ( 3 & 5 ) buuuuut going on 13